Wednesday, October 23, 2013

One Year Later

Yeah, it's been an entire year. Blog's still here, and for some reason I can't quite fathom, people still come. (Welcome, people!)  Well I like this old blog and I think it is time to pick it up, dust it off, and start posting again. Now and then.

So the rundown on the past year? The short version? Here goes:

We moved. We like our house a ton; we've got awesome neighbors, and chickens. Really, I can't believe that the chickens alone never called me back to blogging. I love them.  Well, no, I don't, actually.  But I love their eggs, and Erin and Anna look after them, so it works out just fine.  I have discovered about myself that I don't really like livestock for its own sake, I'm just in it for the food!

We had a baby, our seventh. Oh, the posts to write about our Miss Emily - my first birthing center birth, and my first water birth. She's 6 months old, now, and a sweet, charming, chubby thing she is.

Emily Ruth

Mark is still looking for full time work, fun times.  But from watching the news, he is hardly alone.

Homeschool is in full swing!  This year we have 9th, 7th, and 3rd grades.  Jonathan is in "Kindergarten," which doesn't mean a whole lot 'round here other than that he stays busy learning by osmosis and tearing through life as a little boy should.  Well, we do Hooked on Phonics now and then, too.

Lately I've been pretty excited about the book Trim Healthy Mama (affiliate link).  It is a fantastic resource for health and weight, and I will doubtless be including posts about that quite regularly.  If you visit me on Pinterest you will find a small but growing collection of THM recipes along with miscellaneous nonsense (isn't that what Pinterest is for??)  In the past I have lost baby weight by calorie counting, and I like the THM approach so very much better.

Just for kicks to wrap up, some pictures from the last year...

Newborn Emily

Meeting big sister

Gratuitous coffee picture.  You're welcome.

Playing with flour...

Picking cherries in our backyard.  Awesome till we found the worms.

Be blessed,

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