Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why the long silence?

Wow, so it has really been four months since I have posted?  I have missed my blog!  My life has been very, very busy and full in those four months.  At first, I set posting aside due to some other online projects that I became involved in - I didn't have the time for both.  Those projects have concluded - actually they concluded quite some time ago, but I was still overwhelmingly busy.

In August, we moved about 30 miles away from our previous home.  I assume moving is traumatically overwhelming to everyone, not just me.  I have seen people blog through a move, and it just amazes me.  The whole process just overwhelms my brain till it about shuts down.  Not much else does that to me, with the clear exception of pregnancy. 

Which is a brilliant segue.  We are thrilled to announce - belatedly, if you know us personally this is old, old news (unless I forgot to tell you, in which case, um, sorry about that.  See above re: brain shutdown) - that we are expecting our seventh child!

I am already into the second trimester, 16 weeks to be exact.  My first trimester was mercifully mild compared to what I have experienced in the past - I was merely exhausted and queasy.  I have had several babies where I was violently sick all day, every day for 2 straight months, plus frequent migraines, so while I whined a lot this time anyhow, I am really grateful for the ease so far.  Nevertheless, it is lovely to be coming OUT of the first trimester, which at its very best means that I fall asleep at 8pm every night, and require a lengthy afternoon nap as well just to be functional.  The time lost to sleep in pregnancy is hard to make up for, and the house inevitably suffers.  My oldest daughters are a great help and blessing to me, babysitting so that I can nap whether Abby does or not.

Sooo...that's where I was.  Working, gestating, and moving.  Lots to talk about, now that I can think straight!  Organizing a new house and a new school year, pregnancy, new horizons in childbirth as we are using an out-of-hospital birthing center this time, for the first time. 

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