Friday, June 15, 2012

Of Teens and Toddlers

Erin's not a teen yet.  She's got 5 more months before we celebrate that milestone.

Abby just turned 1 on Wednesday, but she's not quite walking yet. She can crawl roughly as fast as a greyhound, though, so why bother with the walking?

Anyway - I guess I ought to have called the post "Of Pre-Teens and Pre-Toddlers."  Seems a bit unwieldy, though, doesn't it?

I have heard it said that toddlers and teens have a lot in common.  I always assumed that was referring to a certain negativity and pigheadedness that can be associated with those ages, and perhaps it is.  What I am noticing, though, is that these two ladies have so very much in common that has nothing to do with any negative issues.

They are both on the cusp of a whole new world.  They are both so incredibly curious, with an insatiable desire to understand themselves and the world around them.  As Erin, with an energetic zeal that wears me out just watching her, leaps at every opportunity to explore, expand, refine, and profit from her unique gifts and interests, I am powerfully reminded of Abby as she zips around the house, scrambling across the floor at top speed, every waking moment used to explore and understand her world, and to grow and perfect her own abilities.

And maybe those similarities are one reason why both ages sometimes struggle with mood, temper, and attitude issues.  So much is changing, so fast - still a baby, but turning into a kid.  Still a kid, but rapidly transforming into an adult, with a huge learning curve.  Both phases require a lot of coaching, sympathy, direction, and discipline.

But I am not going to wax too eloquent on handling teens - I don't have any yet!  I am just so struck by the parallels between the two age groups.  They are both such blessings, just like all their siblings!

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