Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cooking for Carnivores: Mexican-Amish Corn Soup

I'm not particularly good at making soup.

It's probably lack of practice, since I live with a bunch of soup-haters.

However, the other day I whipped up a lovely Mexican-Amish Chicken Corn Soup...and it was quite good.

Did she just say "Mexican-Amish??"

Haven't you heard of Fusion cuisine?  I'm sort of un-trendy, but I hear it's all the rage!

Anyway, seriously, this just worked.  I had some ears of corn that needed using - not enough to just serve with dinner.  So I found this recipe, and set out to make it.  I was tweaking with abandon - noodles instead of the homemade dumplings, 4 ears of corn instead of 10 (10!?  Really?), only 1 onion, no, by the time it was almost done, I had wandered pretty far afield already.  Then, I found that my chicken frames that I was using really didn't have much meat on them...only about half a cup.

I guess when I picked the meat off the leftover roast chickens, making tacos the day before, I was pretty thorough.

So thorough, I had quite a bit of taco chicken left, I dumped it in the pot.  And then for good measure I threw in the leftover black beans and rice, too.  The result was quite pleasing - the corniness of the Amish recipe was perfect with the Mexicaniness of the chicken, rice, and beans. :)

Sooo, this isn't really a recipe, I suppose.  But if you elect to try something like it, I'd love to hear about the results!

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