Saturday, March 3, 2012

Slow month for decluttering...

And, a slow month for blogging, too.  Sorry for being such a slacker.  My excuse is this wretched cold/cough thing wandering its way through the family.  I didn't even get it very badly, but it has really taken a toll on my energy level in the evening.  I'm a nighttime writer, so if I can't stay awake, it just doesn't happen.  Coffee probably could have produced some posts - but if I'm fighting illness I don't like to push it!

Anywho, I did do some decluttering in the room formerly known as the Frightening Bedroom of Doom.  Not much, but here it is:


I've posted that picture before.  I don't have enough bookshelves, and I can't really get rid of very many books.  It's an occupational hazard of being married to a philosopher/theologian.

Therefore, it is only reasonable that, since my shelves are doomed to be overloaded, that I also keep my Christmas ornaments, out-of-date prenatal vitamins, papers to be shredded, miscellaneous decorative items, and a good bit of dust on the shelves, as well.  Right???


Here's what I've managed so far:

Top three shelves.  Hey - it's something!  Slow and steady wins the race.  I will put something pretty up top, as soon as I decide what.

I was also supposed to be working on the dresser.  Umm,'s the before and after pics...

I'm not going to bother telling you which is which.  It doesn't really matter.  What does matter is that on the day I had planned to do something about it, we had a blast at the Children's Museum instead.  :-)  We had an awesome month of school, too.  Give and take, I guess.

On another homekeeping note, I have been reading a most delightful book on the subject:

This book is enormous.  It is also a warmly written combination of the why and the how of housework.  Any job that you encounter in homekeeping is likely to be described at length in here, detailed instructions as well as how this task contributes to a warm, welcoming home.  A blurb described it as The Joy of Cooking for housework, and I am finding that to be accurate.  If you want to be encourage to be a better homekeeper, and especially if you are encouraged by better understanding the why and how - you will probably find it as delightful as I have.

So, I hit a bit of a bump the road on my decluttering, but I'll be pressing on as able.  Not giving up is the most important part, even if progress slows or stops for a time.

Be blessed-

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