Thursday, March 22, 2012

Getting better, catching up, and making yogurt!

Well.  So, how long does it take YOU to recover from the flu?

No, I'm not really talking about not-being-sick.

I am talking about-catching-up-on-everything-that-you-got-behind-on-while-you-were-out-of-commission.

For me, however long I am sick, that seems to be about how long it also takes to feel like I am caught up to life in general, after I am better.  So, had the flu for about a week and a half, and now, a week and a half AFTER I started feeling more well than sick, I now feel like my routines and general life activities are caught up too. 

Incidentally, Miss Baby is 9 months old now...and I am JUST NOW feeling as though I have undone all (or most of) the chaos that piled up while I was pregnant!  Whether it is early pregnancy when I get to live with my head in the toilet, or later when I seem to want to return to infancy myself (eat, sleep, cry, repeat!) - really not much beyond the bare necessities gets done. And sure enough, what took nine months to pile up took nine months to undo. 

Anyway, even though I've been way too tired to blog, things have been happening.  I've been making yogurt - did you think I forgot about my year toward sustainability project?

The yogurt is absurdly easy.  It takes about 15 minutes to put in the maker.  You heat the milk to 180 degrees:

Like my fancy double boiler?
Then you cool it to 112 degrees.  I use a cold water bath in the bottom of the double boiler for this.  Dissolve your starter in a little of the milk (or stir in some of your last batch of yogurt).

Put it in your yogurt maker.  For instructions on making without a maker...uh, try Google.  :-D

It incubates for about 8 hours.  Then you stick it in the fridge, and congratulate yourself on having found such a painless way to impress your friends!  ;-)  This is how many dishes you will have to wash:

Not bad!

Miss Baby loves it.  She and I eat it plain - I bought vanilla beans to try to make vanilla yogurt, but haven't done it yet.  If you have a good method for that, do share!


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