Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Organizing Challenge - the floor is done!

Well, almost. :)  I decided to follow Alana's advice in the comments on my previous post, and remove anything not too heavy to move for vacuuming from the floor.  I haven't moved the speakers yet, so technically, the floor's not done.

But, just to make me happy, let's be UNtechnical, and say, "The floor is done!"  Hooray!  Cheer with me!  Because, it was only a few months ago that it looked like this:

Sometimes the progress has been painfully slow, and sometimes, piles shrank only to grow again. And, the whole room is not done, so the challenge isn't over.  The top of the dresser, the desk, and the bookshelf all need work.  And the closet...oh, the closet.  That could be a whole series in itself, but for now, we celebrate, because now it looks like this:

Took me about an hour to clear out that last pile in front of the dresser.  Mostly clothes that needed put away, or donated.  Quite a lot of outgrown baby clothes, and a huge stack of CDs.

The whole floor being cleared is something that has not happened for over a year...ever since I lost control during my first trimester of my most recent pregnancy. 

Next time I'll tackle one of the remaining problem areas in the main room.  Once those are all done, we'll face the closet.  Not, I must emphasize again, that I am afraid of the closet...really.  Why would I be? It's kind of exciting, really, going in there.  Sort of like being an archaeologist, a spelunker, and a mountain climber, all rolled into one.  What's not to like?

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