Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Organizing Challenge - Declawing the FBD continued

All right...now that I've been on vacation and back long enough to be feeling almost normal...and now that I've written a post about how I can't seem to get anything done...today was a lovely, super-productive type day.  I cherish those.  There is something about Tuesdays, they almost always go well.

This is one of a series of posts following the decluttering of my VERY messy master bedroom.

So here I found a home decorating book buried in a pile of dusty junk. Yeah.  It's almost poetic.

This was the main area I worked on today.  Here is the "before" picture.

And the "after" picture!  I hung up clothes, threw away trash (almost a whole trash bag worth.  I was shocked), and filled up a donate box.  Just from one overgrown pile.  I could have not even had a pile if I had thrown away my trash and donated my unwanted stuff in the first place.

The new view from the door.  This picture is deceptively tidy.  There is a lot of mess it doesn't show -
like this whole corner.  The pile in front of the dresser has actually grown - eek.  And the top has started piling up again too.  That's the problem with piles - they grow.  If there is already a pile of junk, why not toss one more thing on top?  My ultimate goal here is to clear out enough space so that I will actually have places to put everything, and won't have to pile it.

And of course there is the closet.  It's pretty grim in there.  I tried several times over the past 6 months or so to get in there and organize it first, so when I did my room I'd have a cleaned-out closet to put stuff in.  All I ever really managed to do was make a bigger mess.  I am hoping that when the rest of the room is clean, that battle will turn to my favor.

I need to clean off the book shelves, too.  They are too stuffed to even use.

Hooray for progress!  Next I plan to hit this little corner.  It doesn't look like much, but it's at least two feet deep.  And it's a lot less overwhelming than the closet.  Not that I'm afraid of my closet, of course.

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