Saturday, January 7, 2012

Birth Story #6 - Abigail Rose

Miss Abby's birth was so normal.  After some of my other oddball labors, the only thing I was sure of, looking forward to her birth, was that I had no idea what to expect.  We were on the alert for a fast labor again, and I was hoping, this time, labor would at least make itself clear in time to do something about it.  I was also offering many heartfelt prayers that baby would NOT be posterior again.

One Sunday night, I felt pretty lousy.  We went to our evening service; if I remember right, I think I complained the whole way home.  (Mark is very patient with this sort of thing...)  The last thing I said as I carefully maneuvered myself into bed was something to the effect of, "If I feel anything like this tomorrow, I'm not going grocery shopping.  I might not do anything at all."

At 3:30 am, I woke up thinking I had an awful stomach ache.  When I sat up, though, I immediately knew it was labor.  I was happy, but nervous, knowing that sometimes, by the time I'm that sure it's labor, it is very close to the end.  I woke Mark - it was so TV sitcom - "Wake up!  It's time!  We have to go!"

In half an hour, we were on our way.  I was clearly in labor but not showing any sign of pushing.  We had an uneventful drive up the canyon, Mark munching dry Cheerios and an apple on the way.   We called the midwife to let her know we were coming; when we arrived, the after-hours entrance at the ER was ready to whisk me straight upstairs. They told me, "Danielle said you go fast, we'll do the paperwork later."

I gave the guy who pushed my wheelchair a hard time, I think - while in the elevator, I chatted about the time I hadn't made it and had the baby in the elevator.  He looked a little nervous. ;-)

Well, there isn't much more to say about it.  I paced and bathed and paced and bounced on the birth ball for several hours.  Labor picked up, and Abby was born at 8:30 am.  I don't know why she had so much bruising on her face (you can see in the picture).  As far as I know, her positioning was fine.

My favorite memory of Abby's birth day?  The amazing rainbow that welcomed her to the world:

You can't tell in the picture, but we could see the entirety of both rainbows, end to end, from our window.   It was absolutely breathtaking.

So, that's it - so far! - for my birth stories.  Will there be more?  I'm wondering that too...

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