Monday, December 12, 2011

A slice of life - our week in review

Pardon my absence these past few days...we've been quite busy around here.

Raising bunnies: they need lots of straw to stay warm and lots of attention too.  They sure get it.  Erin made her first bunny sale to some good friends and is on cloud nine over that.  She's got one more for sale if anyone is interested.

Making pancakes.  My five year old loves heart shaped pancakes.

We all love pancakes, so I make a lot.  A few of these are still in the freezer, but not very many.

Alex loves pancakes.  He also loves to color on any available surface.  Including, apparently, pancakes.  He was quite incensed when I picked it up to take a picture.  I gave him back the pancake, but not the marker.

Isn't the syrup the best part, anyway?  Why waste time?

Leaping into cushion towers.

Oreo bark

Making two kinds of Christmas candy.  Recipes coming soon!

Peppermint bark

And, of course, eating the Christmas candy!


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