Monday, December 12, 2011

Organizing challenge - Declawing the FBD

The cat is inspecting the newly open floor...
Well, the Frightening Bedroom of Doom is a little less scary now.  Of course, if you are accustomed to a clean bedroom, it still may appear a bit shocking.  It's all a matter of what you expect when you walk in the door.

I think I spent a little over an hour this week, in bits and pieces.  I did a lot of clear off of the dresser.  If you are new to this series and don't believe me, here are the "before" pics. 

I threw out a broken lamp and set up another one. See, I had a broken lamp plugged in and unusable since the switch broke.  I had a functional lamp sitting on the other end of the dresser with no bulb and the shade all wonky - not plugged in.  The dresser was so messy I was afraid to move either one of them...and so we were lampless.  For few days weeks months.  No more!!  Now I blog by much nicer than blogging by closet-light.

This pile is a lot smaller.  I put some things away and filled two boxes to donate.  And I will donate them tomorrow.  Occasionally I have left donate boxes sitting around for almost as long as I left the broken lamp.  Not this time!  I want my bedroom back!

There's the cat again.  She was determined to be in the thick of things this time.  She loves it when I clean - she flops down in the midst of any newly cleared spot.

So!  There we are.  Progress enough to make me happy, and it will have to see me through the rest of the month, because I won't have any more time to work on it before January. We'll resume the challenge then!

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