Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bunnies in the Cold

As our nighttime temperatures are dipping into the teens, a lot of people ask us how the bunnies do out in the cold.  The short answer is - they love it.  Mini rex rabbits have very dense fur (if you buy rabbit fur, it is probably from Rex rabbits).  The are happy and frisky in the chilly temperatures.  They have a much harder time staying cool in the summer!

It has been fun to watch them prepare for the cold.  The girls and the boys both have burrows with lots of straw. They all snuggle in together at night.
Erin tends the rabbits tirelessly, and uses her own money to buy food and bedding for them.  We've started buying straw by the bale, and pellets in 50 lb sacks.

Here if you look carefully, you can see the boys' burrow slanting down into the straw.  Above is a close-up of the picture to the right.

 It's so neat to watch all the things they just know how to do.  Hazel knew how to keep her kits just the right temperature when they were tiny, despite widely fluctuating fall temperatures.  Now, they all obviously have things under control despite the cold.  As long as we give them shelter from the wind and lots of straw, they take it from there.  As a human mom, I envy them the automatic know-how.  Here I am always looking things up and still goofing up left and right...:)

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