Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby rabbits - 6 weeks and ready to wean

Well, today Erin moved the two buck rabbits into a separate hutch.  Old enough to wean - and old enough to need to be separated from the girls before we have more bunnies than we know what to do with!  She tells me that this is a delicate time for them as they adjust to being away from their mother.   Here they are checking out the new accommodations.

Here is mom and her daughters still in the other hutch.  Two of the girls will be sold in January.  The black one is to stay a year or so to have a few litters. She's to live with Hazel until it's time to find her a new home.   (Incidentally, the black one - who has a charming name I can't quite remember this late at night after a ridiculously busy Saturday - is my favorite.  I think she's gorgeous.)  Hazel is not ever to be sold - as the matriarch and, more importantly, cherished pet.

The two hutches.  The right hand one acquired a new base today, so it is up off the ground now. 

I am so glad Erin and Anna get to do this.  It's sort of funny to see Erin spending her own money on bulk pellets and bales of straw and hay.  She absolutely dotes on all the rabbits, too.  She handles them to keep them tame, ready to be pets or ready to be show animals.

Plus, I get tons of free fertilizer.  How can I argue with that?

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