Thursday, November 3, 2011

Weekly Challenge: 4 Girls, One Room - Week 3

Well this week was pretty busy, and my little challenge didn't get as much attention as I might have hoped.  I did sort through two or three (I can't remember clearly...that's what kind of week it was) of the Bins of Doom that I mentioned last week.  But, this afternoon I did pull out the final piece of furniture we got from Ikea: a little dresser.  (You might be tempted to think that I only did this because otherwise I would have had to report in on my Weekly Challenge and tell you that I can't remember what I did.  I hope you don't think that, because that's ridiculous.  But it sure is lucky timing, huh?)  Now I know something about myself I didn't know a few weeks ago:  I really hate assembling furniture.  Really.  So here is the dresser:

After my three-hour wrestling match with Becca's new bed, this was a dismal sight.  It came together pretty quickly, though, with only some minor problems.  Partway through I realized I needed a hammer to tack down the backing on it - and my hammer was in the boys' room where Alex was napping.  We don't take chances with naps around here, so I experimented a bit.  A wooden sword turned out to be a poor choice...

Half a pair of scissors didn't work out either.  A large wrench did the job, slowly and the end, a borrowed hammer was just the thing.

There it is, all done.  Took a little over an hour.   I shoved some things out of the way and put it under Becca's bed. 

The arrangement under there isn't quite optimal, but I had to go make dinner.  So this week, I can put clothes in the dresser (the dresser they have is overstuffed, and I haven't put Abby's clothes in there yet).  I'll try to arrange things under there so it's all accessible.

I also still have some sorting to do, there in the corner.  I wanted to put up the crib, but the way things are going, the new mattress that is needed will have to wait till after the holidays.  Oh well.  At least there is room for it!  And Abby has plenty of room in the portable one, still.

The best part is, the room has been staying clean, which tells me that they now have places to put things when they clean up before school in the morning. That and putting in Becca's bed were my top goals.  Now it's just odds and ends to tie up!

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