Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Homeschooling



Anyone else have a hard time with that??

What happens to my brain, and to the kids?  Whatever it is, it starts immediately prior to Thanksgiving and doesn't let up till after New Years.

We'd rather bake cookies than read Herodotus.  We'd rather make gifts than study long division.  Or for the shorter members of the tribe...we'd rather race around like maniacs than anything else. 

But, you know, for all the virtues in some of these must go on.  I don't actually want to take the entire last 6 weeks of the year off.  We already take a month - last three weeks of December, first week of January.  I think 7 weeks is probably pushing it.  Possibly.

So how does one beat the holiday lack of focus?  Here are some thoughts:

  1. Be firm.  Okay, so the first one's no fun.  But, let's face it, that's the way it goes sometimes.  As a mom, sometimes I feel like the Official Spoiler of Fun in the family.  Don't you?  It's good for all of us to just slog through when we don't feel like it.  Great life lesson for the kids.  And, it will make you all feel better if you make yourselves stay on target and accomplish what you planned.
  2. Switch things up.  Now that you've been the Schoolwork Grinch, get back in their good graces by planning something different.  I find that planned fun is more fun and also less generally disruptive than the spontaneous kind that happens when you all just throw in the towel.  Hopefully it's even educational.  That being said...
  3. Know when to quit.  I know, I'm a bundle of contradictions.  ;-)  Leave room in your schedule for when you'd rather live to school another day.  If you are consistently staying on track, don't feel guilty if you need to tell everyone to pack it up early once in a while.  It's not the end of the world, and if Mama can't take much more - learning is not going to be optimal, anyway.  Remember how much learning happens out of the books, and how much developing faith and character is what we are really about here.
Now, if you're craving more order than my holiday-beleaguered brain can offer you, here is a good post on the subject.

So, tomorrow - I'm going for Point 1.  How about you?

Update:  "Point 1" went so swell that the following day we strung Christmas lights and made gingerbread men...:-D

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