Saturday, November 19, 2011

Baby rabbits - four weeks and popping

Here they are at four weeks!  They look bigger every day, and they eat more than I would have imagined possible.

The kits seem to have settled into a routine of being out and about; last week they were driving their mother crazy, following her around and trying to nurse all the time; this week, they have stopped doing that, and Hazel seems much happier and less harassed.  They all seem to enjoy hanging around together, now.

One thing I have learned about baby rabbits this week: they "pop."  If you watch a litter of young rabbits for very long, you will notice some similarities to watching popcorn in action.  They just pop suddenly straight up in the air, quite often, and with a whole group of them doing it, it's hilarious.  We stand at the window and watch them just to get a laugh!  Erin tells me that it is a reflex that is designed to get them to leave the nest when they are ready - they start popping and fall out of the nest, and off they go.

Erin and Hazel

Hmm.  I'm glad teenagers don't do this.  It would be awkward in church.

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Photo Credit: Anna Hausam

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