Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby rabbits at three weeks

At three weeks the rabbit babies have been out and about, bounding around the cage and from all appearances driving their mother crazy.  They have a hearty appetite, and follow her around wanting more milk than is good for them.  Baby rabbits will actually eat themselves to death if the mother lets them nurse as much as they want.  So Hazel will be innocently munching on her hay, and up comes a baby rabbit wiggling under her after milk - and BOING - she leaps right over it to get away.  With five active little babies who only actually need to eat once a day, she does this a lot! They are now ridiculously cute, as you can see; anyone who looks out the window and sees one scampering around the hutch is bound to make some sort of "awwww" sound.  Well, anyone female, anyway. ;)

They are old enough now to have a still-tentative announcement on gender - we are pretty sure that they are all boys except for the little black one (who seemed to always be piled under her brothers for the picture session).   Erin is hoping to keep the black doe and two of the bucks for breeding.

Erin received a second hutch for her birthday from Grandma and Grandpa.  It will house the two does (Hazel and the black baby) for a while, once the boys are weaned.  Then when the two booted bucks have been sold, she wants to swap the does back into the other hutch and put the boys in the new one.

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