Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week-old rabbits

Well here are the rabbit babes at 1 week!  As you can see they change a lot in a week.  It has been so fun to watch how well their mama takes care of them - she is finely attuned to their needs and very attentive.  As nighttime temperatures dipped below freezing this week she kept them toasty in their little nest, buried in the fur she pulls from her own belly.  As it warms in the day, she partially uncovers them to make sure they don't overheat.  She is always nearby, watching - though she doesn't sleep in the nest, apparently so as not to attract predators.

It's been hilarious for me to watch pregnancy, birth, and nursing in this little creature.  As her pregnancy progressed, she became large, slow, and uncharacteristically grouchy.  (Sounds a little too familiar...)  She was very secluded around the time of birth - and soon afterwards, her chipper old self.  She's had an unbelievable appetite while nursing, also.  I guess us mammal mommas have more than a few things in common!

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Patti said...

They are SO cute!