Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cooking for Carnivores (on a budget)

Saving money on groceries is something I work pretty hard at.  I spend an hour or two every week finding deals, compiling a menu and shopping list based on sales, finding old and new recipes that meet my standards of taste, ease of prep and cleanup, and cheapness.  That's not always easy - and let me be frank, there are days and weeks when it just doesn't happen.  We get sick, or have to do some major project that eats all my time and energy, and I just head to the store and try not to spend too much.  It doesn't I work a lot harder next time! :)  Or sometimes I take it into my head to try out some thrilling new recipe (I LOVE to cook), and toss caution to the wind, spending too much money on ingredients and spending the afternoon in the kitchen.  Which, as I said, I love to do, but I do have other responsibilities...

Anyway, anyone who's done much work on the food bill soon finds that meat takes up a lot of room in one's budget; anyone who reads frugal cookbooks and shopping tips (a favorite: More With Less, a Mennonite cookbook.  Love it!) knows that the fastest way to trim up your grocery budget is to cut down on meat.

Well...I guess I do that.  Some.  But I have to be sneaky about it.  I live in a house full of carnivores.  Offering a mob of carnivores a bean burrito can be hazardous to one's health - or at least one's ego as a cook!

So I am starting a series - Cooking for Carnivores (on a budget).  We'll have a great time.  I'll post tips and recipes that help me feed my crew meat without taking the next train to debtor's prison, and share some strategies for getting dinner on the table on time in the course of a busy homeschooling day, with babe in arms and toddlers underfoot.   I'd also love to hear your ideas on how to eat meat frugally!  More to come!

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NW said...

Awesome. Something that is on my mind too. Make an E-book and sell it Dez! Also. I loved reading More With Less too. Email me a list of some of your favorites. I love Janzen's world-wide focus, and her sustainability points are mostly worth noting.

Eggs are a cheap way to get complete proteins in the diet. Recently I have been making quiches for dinner (with ready-made pie shells) and "breakfast for dinner" is always a hit at my home. We don't always have time in the morning for elaborate egg dishes (ie dishes that require a lot of veggie chopping as in a skillet/omelet) but they are suitable for dinner just the same. Also, inspired by my vegetarian Indian friend, I have been learning new ways to make beans, nuts, and paneer (look it up, it is awesome!) tastier. Investing in some more cooking know-how can go a long way!