Monday, October 24, 2011

Cooking for Carnivores (on a budget) - sandwiches

One of my favorite ways to stretch meat is with hot, BBQ style sandwiches.  Pulled pork, BBQ chicken or beef - once you shred the meat, simmer it in a good homemade sauce, and throw it in a whole grain bun - a little goes a long way.  I am always amazed by how far this method will stretch meat.  You can bulk it up with veggies quite easily too.  Of course sloppy joes are a classic variation, and so cheap and easy to make from scratch as well.

Onion and celery - cooking in the butter my five year old made!

I planned to have BBQ chicken sandwiches on Friday.  It was to be a hectic day, so in the morning I thawed and shredded four cooked chicken breasts, and chopped and sauteed some veggies.  I tossed it all in a bowl and added a shredded carrot for good measure -

Then I stuck it in the fridge.  The day was hectic as planned - so much so that we ended up eating leftovers that night.  So on Saturday - which was also hectic (I spent the day working on the girls' room) - I was able to put the whole mess in a pan with a cup of salsa, a cup of ketchup, and some brown sugar, vinegar, Worchestershire sauce, and salt and pepper.  It was ready in all of twenty minutes, and made plenty for all with leftovers.  It was especially quick served with a salad prepared by my daughter.

What, no picture of the finished product?  Umm, sorry, no.  I decided not to...or I forgot, because I was too busy tearing out my hair trying to assemble Becca's new bed from Ikea.  One of those.

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