Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bunnies on the way!

We are expecting some new arrivals any day at our place!  This is the mama to be:

Erin and Anna purchased Hazel (named after the hero of Watership Down, of course!) about four months ago, with their own money, from a local pet shop.  Then they took it into their head to take her to the fair, where she did pretty well - there you can see the ribbons on her hutch:

 Well, that got Erin going.  She's got good country blood in her veins and picked up some entrepreneurial spirit lately.  She obtained the hutch in the picture for free from a homeschooling friend, and managed to have Hazel bred to a champion buck that belongs to a local breeder.  She intends to sell most of the kits, and continue breeding and selling rabbits.  Plus I believe she intends to sell the earthworms that congregate in the richly fertilized soil under the hutch!  Good stuff, in my opinion.

Here's the empty, partly-built nest.  Any day now!

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