Monday, December 8, 2008

the things you never think of..

It's always fun to have one's assumptions challenged, isn't it? And even when you really get used to challenging your own assumptions routinely, every once in a while you open your eyes to a new one you never even knew you had.

In a minute I'll post an excerpt from an article on one of my favourite websites, The article is on feminine dress, and while I may not totally agree with the premise that slacks are inherently unfeminine in our current culture, I love the article anyway since I am certainly partial to dresses.

Anyway, haven't we grown up thinking that everybody knows what sheer idiot vanity the idea of a corset was? The only possible reason someone would wear a corset would have to be out of such pinheaded vanity that they would rather appear thin than be able to breathe. Right?

Well, maybe not. Here is the excerpt:

"Modernists mock the old Victorian stays and corsets, while wearing spandex and jeans that are just as form-fitting and even tighter than the undergarments of the past. One reason women feel uncomfortable in dresses is that they are used to wearing these tight clothes and feel rather unprotected and cold when they wear a dress. Their tight jeans make their figures feel pulled together, well-shaped, and firm. If you have difficulty feeling trim and neat in a dress, invest in foundations that will make you feel well-dressed and comfortable.
" - Mrs. Stanley Sherman

One thing that I try to communicate to my kids is that there is always another side! Perhaps the corset idea was founded in modesty and comfort? What a shocking idea!

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