Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The reason for the title

Well, I suppose the time has come to write about why I titled my blog "Diligence Without Fear." I could have done it earlier - but I don't actually get much time to write. Which is a blessing - I do not regret the uses to which my time IS put!

Diligence without fear is a phrase that occurred to me several months ago in connection to our current circumstances and the difficulties I face in dealing with them in a godly way. It can be a temptation to either trust God to care for us and become careless myself, or to feel the need to be diligent and become paralyzed with (or overly driven by) fear and lack of faith. The latter is particularly difficult for me! In truth our calling is to trust in God for all of our provision - and so doing work at our calling with all our might, without fear snarling at our heels. This should be obvious, but it isn't always, at least to me.

So my current focus is doing what I am supposed to do and leaving our road in God's loving hands. Homemaking is a glorious calling, but is it easy to lose vision and become discouraged and fretful, especially in hard times. It is important to find refreshment through the Bible, prayer, fellowship - and to not beat ourselves up that it is hard (impossible!) for a mom with a growing brood to accomplish these things in the same way as her neighbor.

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