Thursday, November 13, 2008

Proposition 8

The following is a video of Keith Olbermann denouncing supporters of California's Prop 8:

A friend of mine posted this on her Facebook account, and I had to comment. Can't keep my mouth shut, these days.

I think that Mr. Olbermann shows little attempt to understand the other side. This is not about love and hate. This is about right and wrong. There are still many, many Americans who believe that God is real - not my imaginary friend, not a fuzzy Grandpa in the sky, but a real, holy, just, and loving God, who has clearly stated that homosexuality is a sin. Not a worse sin than any other, but a sin, and for a nation to run contrary to the express will of God is to court destruction.

The gentleman's arguments were calculated to excite emotion; they were not rational. The argument about black marriage does not apply; the Bible does not forbid black marriage, and it does forbid slavery as it was practiced at that time. The argument about broken families also does not apply. Does heterosexual marriage prevent broken heterosexual relationships? Hardly. Nor would homosexual marriage.

He entreated folks to "do unto others..". I am. I would not not have anyone smile and nod as I skip along to my own destruction, nor would I have laws passed contrary to the law of God, even if my own happiness were at stake. True happiness is only found in faith in Christ and obedience to His law.

Finally, he gives his overwhelming bias full airing when he claims that this is the only world we have. Yes, well, if I thought so, I would heartily agree with everything else he said. But in this nation we have to deal with people who think differently than us; atheists have to deal with theists. Theists have to deal with atheists, and we all have to deal with everything in between. I would so love to see a spirit of true dialogue emerge, without marginalizing those who disagree. I am troubled to be accused of hatred and bigotry with such a clear lack of attempt to understand my viewpoint.