Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The reason for the title

Well, I suppose the time has come to write about why I titled my blog "Diligence Without Fear." I could have done it earlier - but I don't actually get much time to write. Which is a blessing - I do not regret the uses to which my time IS put!

Diligence without fear is a phrase that occurred to me several months ago in connection to our current circumstances and the difficulties I face in dealing with them in a godly way. It can be a temptation to either trust God to care for us and become careless myself, or to feel the need to be diligent and become paralyzed with (or overly driven by) fear and lack of faith. The latter is particularly difficult for me! In truth our calling is to trust in God for all of our provision - and so doing work at our calling with all our might, without fear snarling at our heels. This should be obvious, but it isn't always, at least to me.

So my current focus is doing what I am supposed to do and leaving our road in God's loving hands. Homemaking is a glorious calling, but is it easy to lose vision and become discouraged and fretful, especially in hard times. It is important to find refreshment through the Bible, prayer, fellowship - and to not beat ourselves up that it is hard (impossible!) for a mom with a growing brood to accomplish these things in the same way as her neighbor.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

the things you never think of..

It's always fun to have one's assumptions challenged, isn't it? And even when you really get used to challenging your own assumptions routinely, every once in a while you open your eyes to a new one you never even knew you had.

In a minute I'll post an excerpt from an article on one of my favourite websites, http://www.ladiesagainstfeminism.com. The article is on feminine dress, and while I may not totally agree with the premise that slacks are inherently unfeminine in our current culture, I love the article anyway since I am certainly partial to dresses.

Anyway, haven't we grown up thinking that everybody knows what sheer idiot vanity the idea of a corset was? The only possible reason someone would wear a corset would have to be out of such pinheaded vanity that they would rather appear thin than be able to breathe. Right?

Well, maybe not. Here is the excerpt:

"Modernists mock the old Victorian stays and corsets, while wearing spandex and jeans that are just as form-fitting and even tighter than the undergarments of the past. One reason women feel uncomfortable in dresses is that they are used to wearing these tight clothes and feel rather unprotected and cold when they wear a dress. Their tight jeans make their figures feel pulled together, well-shaped, and firm. If you have difficulty feeling trim and neat in a dress, invest in foundations that will make you feel well-dressed and comfortable.
" - Mrs. Stanley Sherman

One thing that I try to communicate to my kids is that there is always another side! Perhaps the corset idea was founded in modesty and comfort? What a shocking idea!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Proposition 8

The following is a video of Keith Olbermann denouncing supporters of California's Prop 8:

A friend of mine posted this on her Facebook account, and I had to comment. Can't keep my mouth shut, these days.

I think that Mr. Olbermann shows little attempt to understand the other side. This is not about love and hate. This is about right and wrong. There are still many, many Americans who believe that God is real - not my imaginary friend, not a fuzzy Grandpa in the sky, but a real, holy, just, and loving God, who has clearly stated that homosexuality is a sin. Not a worse sin than any other, but a sin, and for a nation to run contrary to the express will of God is to court destruction.

The gentleman's arguments were calculated to excite emotion; they were not rational. The argument about black marriage does not apply; the Bible does not forbid black marriage, and it does forbid slavery as it was practiced at that time. The argument about broken families also does not apply. Does heterosexual marriage prevent broken heterosexual relationships? Hardly. Nor would homosexual marriage.

He entreated folks to "do unto others..". I am. I would not not have anyone smile and nod as I skip along to my own destruction, nor would I have laws passed contrary to the law of God, even if my own happiness were at stake. True happiness is only found in faith in Christ and obedience to His law.

Finally, he gives his overwhelming bias full airing when he claims that this is the only world we have. Yes, well, if I thought so, I would heartily agree with everything else he said. But in this nation we have to deal with people who think differently than us; atheists have to deal with theists. Theists have to deal with atheists, and we all have to deal with everything in between. I would so love to see a spirit of true dialogue emerge, without marginalizing those who disagree. I am troubled to be accused of hatred and bigotry with such a clear lack of attempt to understand my viewpoint.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Once-Dark Heart

In folly I called evil good;
I called my blindness blessed sight.
Saw my death and named it life;
I laughed and loved my hopeless plight.

I raced along before the dawn
In famished love of endless night;
Ran in blackness ever thicker,
Fled in terror Thy brilliant light.

‘Till the beams of Thy radiance broke,
My blindness pierced by Thy great might,
My once-dark heart, redeemed to life,
Shall evermore in Thee delight.


There is a savage thirst
Created to be quenched
We drink of the deep sweet spring
Mourn for an ocean not yet seen.
A lonely traveler dreams of Sunday
Takes his rest, then on to Monday
And wanders on in promised hope
For eternal dawn
And shattered dark
The endless sea -
Thy love and mercy
Drowns our thirst
And fills the void left by Monday.

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Today at lunch Mark commented that it isn't a very bright idea for a toddler to attempt to defy and aggravate his only source of love and survival.

It reminded me of myself...we are held always in the grip of a loving and all-powerful, holy God. And, so, babylike, we gripe, moan, complain, rebel, without thinking of the consequences if we actually got our way.

The only difference is that the child should not be expected to know better!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My new soapbox...

Ok, maybe it's because I never took political science, and I spend a lot more time thinking about diapers, arithmetic, and how to pay next months rent than I do about politics....but lately the scorn for third party voters just doesn't make sense to me. People don't vote outside the two-party system, because a third party candidate "can't win". A third party candidate "can't win" because people don't vote for him. But wait, people don't vote for him, because he can't win, because people don't vote for him.

You don't have to be married to a philosopher to figure out that that reasoning is painfully circular. All it would take to break the two-party stranglehold is for people to stop thinking that they can only make a difference if they vote for a republican or a democrat. We don't HAVE to vote for the lesser of two evils. We can vote for good instead. I don't think that is wildly idealistic.

An enormous amount of people don't even vote; so many that it actually takes only about a third of the population to take the election. Which to me, means that if evangelicals were less pragmatic and voted for the BEST (not best-that-is-most-likely-to-win) candidate...we could end up with a President who is really, unequivocally pro-life.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Starting out...

Hi! Well, I have never had a blog before, but a combination of my desire to have an online "scrapbook" that my multitude of beloved, long-distance family and friends can access, and my perennial aggravation with Parenting magazine has finally made it happen! :)